Artist I love: Frannerd

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I'm back with the "Artists I love and why" list. Ready?
I don't even remember when I first saw her work, but since then I never stoped admiring Fran Meneses, aka frannerd. She's a Chilean artist and I would describe her style as clear, light, colorful and happy. The color palette she uses is mostly pastels that go with her unique designs. When you see it, you know it's hers!

What I love about her work

I love how Fran simplifies anatomy and still makes characters that don't look oddly shaped. I don't know how to explain this so well, but her drawings are boneless but with a structure that make them believable, and cute, and fun. That's something I personally struggle with because at the same time I don't want to draw realistic figures, I'm never really satisfied with how I bend the rules in search of a unique look.
Also, she's South American like me so... Yay Latinoamérica!!!
Why she inspires me

Frannerd is a self-taught illustrator and built up her career that way. Also, she has a lot of videos that are just so motivational and relaxing (that sounds nonsensical but it's true, I promise) that I watch each of them quite a few times. She talks about life as an illustrator, tips, painting process, vlogs and etc.

Find Frannerd on Instagram, Etsy, and her official site.

* All images in this post belong to Frannerd and I took them from her site. Please do not post them without indicating the original source. Thank you.

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