Artist I love: Planet Prudence

So. Today I have a different post. It's been a while I want to write about my favorite artists and people who inspire me so I'm starting it today. Tah dah!

One day I was killing time and procastinating on Bored Panda and stumbled upon a post from an artist posting daily short comics about her experiences as a woman. Instantly relating to her posts, I started following her on Instagram and watched her growth from a few hundreds up to 300k followers (and still growing!).

This artist is Prudence, or better yet, Planet Prudence. She's a 25 y.o. from Belgium and draws the cutest blue haired sister out there.

What I love about her work
Straight to the point not-so-pleasant situations all average girls like us go through. Seeing those things happening to another woman (even if only a character) reminds me I'm not alone in my daily little struggles and it always makes me laugh at my own misfortunes.

Why she inspires me
I'm still watching Prudence growing in her work, as well as starting her shop, gaining support and joining new platforms as she grows. Seeing another girl like me doing this proves there's a way to work my own way through the illustration world. It motivates me so much that I'm actually planning to venture in a new type of work I haven't considered before (still secret! haha).

Find Planet Prudence on Instagram and her Official Site.

* All images in this post belong to Planet Prudence and I took them from her Instagram feed. Please do not post them without indicating the original source. Thank you.

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