Wrapping up the first half of 2020

Hello, you!
How are you guys doing in this crazy crazy world we live in? Hope you're doing the best possible. :-*

Even though Covid-19 is making this year feel excruciatingly longer, time seems still seems to fly. I can't believe we're already in July! What the...

Anyways, first half is gone and I'm in the process of creating the new designs for the rest of 2020. This year I decided to try a change and release all designs I had in queue at once. It was a lot of work and fun but, after a few weeks, I felt like the store missed the excitement of having novelties every week.

Until then, I would create, finish and release one new design every Friday and now I intend to go back to that.

 It's amazing to be able to come up with something new all the time, watch your reactions, build the brand as I go. The strategy I tried earlier this year helped me to solidify Hello Siyi's identity as brand (not only as my personal creative vent). Now that it's much clearer for me, it's way more confortable to keep going.

I'm planning some big changes for Hello Siyi in 2021. New products, easier and seamless buying experience, greater discounts, new art work, brand identity, etc. Yet, some of those changes depend on other people so I can't really tell you more about it now. Ugh!

For now, the store is proudly powered by Threadless that simply have the best, smoothest and most durable t-shirts ever, all that with worldwide shipping.

For buyers in Brazil, the local option is Colab55 which is pretty much like Threadless but physically closer to you. :)

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! Keep going. Keep fighting.

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