14 years later...

Or... How unemployment drove me back to drawing after 14 years away from it.

When I decided to register to Redbubble and try to sell products with my drawings on them, it had been about 14 years that I haven't touched my drawing materials. I had designed some logos or other small things for my old personal blog or some college project (not related to art at all), but that was pretty much all about it.

I took a break from drawing after I got into college. I studied full time and sooner than later got a job and simply had no free time to dedicate to any type of hobby. And then I graduated. And then I found myself unemployed.

It was not for lack of attempts but I simply couldn't find a job. I came to a point that I had to be creative to come up with an alternative income until I had that "little unemployment problem" fixed so what did I do? I became ... creative. I had studied arts in my teens and used to draw a lot. I still had many of my pencils, pens, paper sheets and brushes. I decided to give it a try.
After all, it wouldn't cost me anything and, to be honest, I had no other option.
After 3 months uploading new works every other week, I finally made a sale. A simple mug with a funny quote that went "I'm a writer, I know shit" (which is still available for purchase in case you're wondering). I made $2.50 with that sale. Just change but it was indeed a sale so... yay!

What did I do with the money? I spent on making more silly designs and putting them for sale. Oh, and I also verified my account on Society6 and started uploading new works there too. I was so broke that I didn't have credit on my Paypal account to pay for the 1 dollar fee that Society6 charges from its artists. Yep.

More sales came and I kept investing in materials and promotion. It's not a lot, not really. Way too far from making a living from it. But I'm still trying. I bought a dot com domain name (hellosiyi.com), paper, pens, ink, etc., everything to keep working.

So, hello you! This is Sīyī and I'm trying to make a living by selling my silly drawings through Redbubble and Society6.
Here are my links:
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