Scoring on Threadless

Here I am to ask for your help... tehehe
I have three designs scoring on Threadless and I need a good final note for a chance to get them printed. So please, head to the links below and give me a 5. It only takes 5 minutes (or less!) and you can log in using your Facebook account.
The first two are for the Weekenders contest. I wanted to play with words in the first one. The second is a more relatable situation I live every single weekend.
The last one is for the Bathroom contest. I made this intricate doodle to help people to kill time while doing "their business". You know... pooping. They can spend a few minutes looking for the hidden elements among the astronaut bunnies.
So, here are the links to vote:

All booked for the weekend.
Gonna do so many things.
Space bunnies.

Thank you and bye!

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